Memories vol. 1 - live rehearsals 2009 / official CD​/​R

by October Equus



octoberXart Records, 2012, octoberXart mem01, professionally made CD/R

The recordings presented on this CD are taken from a three day rehearsal session in March 2009, while the band was preparing for the concerts at the MamFest in Madrid and the Gouveia Art Rock Festival in Portugal. It's the only document that features Mario Rivera, a drummer who was in the band after the release of the 'Charybdis' album and before the incorporation of Vasco Trilla.
Mario Rivera played in these two festivals and in another concert with the band Planeta Imaginario.

Sadly, his presence in the band was only documented on a video recording from Gouveia Festival (shot by someone from the public and with very poor sound quality) and on those rehearsal sessions. Although the band was still far from the precision and strenght displayed in live concerts that year, these recordings show a vital, fresh and deliciously imperfect revisions of the compositions included in the three CDs by October Equus, 'October Equus', 'Charybdis' and 'Saturnal'.

These sessions are presented here as they were recorded, without any kind of overdubs that could distract from their documentary values.

Ángel Ontalva guitar
Víctor Rodríguez keyboards
Amanda Pazos Cosse bass
Fran Mangas saxes
Mario Rivera drums

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Ángel Ontalva & Amanda Pazos Cosse
Produced by octoberXart
Executive producer Francisco Macías

Artwork by Ángel H. Rodríguez Morales


released May 21, 2012



all rights reserved