FREE DOWNLOAD​!​! - Sakha Stomp - Brother Gendos - Ninth Line / studio recording

by Ángel Ontalva & The Sham Fonk Rhythm Section

Sakha Stomp 04:38
Ninth Line 05:53


ÁNGEL ONTALVA is a cutting edge Spanish guitarist who has carved out a highly personal style of playing, blending different techniques like tapping, unusual tunings and electronic manipulations in real time and openly influenced by different musical cultures.

With THE SHAM FONK RHYTHM SECTION he creates a boundless space music. THE SHAM FONK RHYTHM SECTION, SCIPIO and KEN HYDER, have been playing together for about 15 years. Although they come from different musical backgrounds, one thing which has united them more strongly in the past few years is their work individually, and occasionally together with gifted Siberian musicians. And in particular, this has meant shamanic music. Now they have put their accumulated experience together in THE SHAM FONK RHYTHM SECTION.

SCIPIO has developed his own funk-playing, honed in Philly, into a new approach which is always popping and driving, but it can also speed up or slow down within a bar - something he heard when listening to shamans in Tuva and of Native American Indians.

Instead of playing drum kit, KEN HYDER is playing the dungur shaman drum. The essence of shamanic drumming is playing one note at a time. Every beat is the one. And when playing together, shamans play in their own time. It could be together with other shamans, but it’s just as likely to be in a different tempo. That’s what makes shamanic music so unique.

ÁNGEL ONTALVA & THE SHAM FONK RHYTHM SECTION are now available for festivals/tours.

Ángel Ontalva guitar
Theo Scipio bass
Ken Hyder dungur

Mixed and mastered by Ángel Ontalva
Produced by octoberXart
Illustration cover and design by Ángel H. Rodríguez Morales


released January 7, 2013


all rights reserved


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